Introducing our all-new salad bar! We know you love the fresh produce we have to offer here
at The New Grocer, so we decided to bring you these bowls of goodness made with love and
ingenuity directly from our chefs!

Parma & Mozza Salad Bowl | Fresh | 1 pax

Inspired by the basics of a charcuterie board, this bowl of wholesome and fresh goodness takes a whole new spin on salads...

ADD - $9.99

Smoked Duck & Brussel Sprout | Fresh | 1 pax

Who said salads only have to be lettuce and greens? Our flavourful and delightful Brussel
sprouts are the star of the show...

ADD - $9.99

Minty Lentil Salad Bowl | Fresh | 1 pax

Our lentil salads combine uniformly chopped ingredients to ensure you get a bite of
everything any time ...

ADD - $9.99

Auvergnate Bistrot Salad Bowl | Fresh | 1 pax

Inspired by the delicacies found in the central region of Auvergne in France, each bite is
filled with luxury ingredients ...

ADD - $9.99

Mediteranean Nicoise Salad Bowl | Fresh | 1 pax

Directly inspired by the cuisine style of Nice, the southeastern region on the coast of France.
Mild and tender tuna...

ADD - $9.99

Nordic Smoked Salmon Salad Bowl | Fresh | 1 pax

Introducing our smoked salmon salad! With smoky savoury goodness enveloped in the
crunchy fresh greens with each ...

ADD - $9.99

Summer Tomato Mozza Salad Bowl | Fresh | 1 pax

Who can beat the basics? Colourful and juicy cherry tomatoes, delightful mozzarella balls, and mixed Mesclun greens ...

ADD - $9.99

Parisian Bistrot Salad Bowl | Fresh | 1 pax

Be teleported to the wonderful city of Paris with this salad directly inspired by the delicate
cuisine of this region!

ADD - $9.99

Foie Gras Bistrot Salad | FRESH | 1 pax

With its unique, rich flavor, buttery taste, unlike any other delicacy of French cuisine, this foie gras salad is designed to please ...

ADD - $11.99


Cooked from scratch by our gastronomic Chefs, we are dedicated to bring tasty food to your table.


    Ready To Eat


    Food is magic with endless possibilities. Whether you're new to plant-based eating or have fully adopted the lifestyle - We love that we can offer quality products to help you start a plant-based diet and maintain it confidently.

    Plant-based Bolognese | 250g

    Simple yet utterly delicious, this bolognese contains all of the comforting flavours that come with your everyday bolognese ...

    ADD - $7.99

    Plant-based Chili Con carne | 250g

    Deliciously nutty chickpeas, nutritious kidney beans, and plant based mince to soak up all these wonderful flavours...

    ADD - $8.99

    Plant-based Cottage Pie | 1kg

    Another plant-based twist on a home-cooked classic, this wholesome meal is perfect for winding down after a long day...

    ADD - $19.99

    Plant-based Japanese Curry Chicken | 250g

    Plant-based chicken chunks and chopped carrots are cooked in a sweet and fruity katsu curry sauce, for those of you who love..

    ADD - $8.99

    Plant-based Stir-fried chicken | 250g

    Crunchy carrots, sweet and mild leek, earthy and nutty sesame, added with our delicious plant-based chicken chunks ...

    ADD - $8.99

    Plant-based Teriyaki Chicken | 250g

    Juicy plant-based chicken marinated in a mixture of soy sauce and teriyaki and paired perfectly with buttery edamame.

    ADD - $8.99

    Plant-based Thai Basil mince | 250g

    This iconic Thai dish is now brought to you entirely plant-based! Enjoy our plant-based mince that’s packed with ...

    ADD - $8.99