Let's Talk about RACLETTE!

Have you ever seen the liquid melting hot cheese on Instagram? The one that is scraped over fries, ham, steak, and burgers? Yes, that one is in the light-yellow color. That’s Raclette!

In this world where everyone being epicurean in food is fond of rich flavors and new recipes, Raclette is one of the top demanding cheeses in Singapore, not all nearby stores have this cheese always available on their rack. That’s where The New Grocer comes to the rescue! 

What's The New Grocer Shop?

An online grocery shopping platform based in Singapore. We have the purest food choices picked from the cleanest farms and fields and hygienically taken care of till sold. Plenty of the famous Singaporean restaurants orders from The New Grocer shop because of our premium quality and professional services. 

Now you order any food ingredient just by sitting on your couch and receive it effortlessly. 

Moreover, keeping in mind your busy routines, the best online grocery Singapore gives you an opportunity to receive your delivery on a specific day and date. This action also has another perk, you’ll be able to receive your ingredients fresh as new at the time when you need them. As we all know, fresh food is tastier and more nutritious!

What Can You Cook with Raclette?

Raclette. This cheese from Switzerland can be pretty versatile. This melting cheese wheel has melted more hearts in the world than any other food has ever had. 

You can add Raclette while cooking some foods, however, the best use of it is when scraped on top of food. Raclette can also be served as a dip for your nachos, roasted fries, grilled wings, and roasted veggies. It can be scraped over any charcuterie item as black forest ham, or even butchery such as yellow chicken, lamb, etc as well as can be accompanied with side dishes such as pineapple, long cabbage, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, etc. each and every ingredient mentioned above can be found on The New Grocer with guaranteed freshness and taste quality.

Traditionally, Raclette is known as a complete meal in which you have a platter served with roasted/dried meat, ham, sausages, along with boiled potatoes, small gherkins, and pickled onions; on top of all, our favorite melted Raclette cheese. It has a unique salty, nutty, and slightly sweet flavor that compliments every type of food served with it. 

Not only savory dishes, but Raclette also accelerates sweet dishes too. Oozed over marshmallows, pineapples, bananas, strawberries, and much more options! 

This type of food can make any special evening more luxurious and lavish. You can also order your favorite wine too from our wine cellar collection to accompany you while having a nice raclette dinner date night.

Moreover, being gluten-free and lactose-free, Raclette is a great option for gluten intolerance and lactose intolerant cheese lovers. Sign in today at The New Grocer, order, and get a 5 percent discount on your total order. What are you waiting for?


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