Cooking is Trendy?


It’s not just a word, it’s a feeling that connects hearts, and families, and makes an ordinary event much more special. Since childhood, we have seen our mother/father cooking in the kitchen and making something special for us. The love they put into the food is greater than any other ingredient added to that food. Whether it’s a wedding, family get-together, birthday party, or picnic evening, food has its own way to amplify the atmosphere.

In this article, we’ll highlight some perks of cooking by yourself and how The New Grocer can be of help?


Perks Of Home Cooked Meals

  • Cooking at home does not only bring happiness, however nutritionally, but home-cooked meals are also more nutritious and wholesome. 
  • You are the creator of your own product. You can add in and subtract any ingredient that you like. This gives you the authority to take care of the food allergies any of your family members have. 
  • Moreover, choosing your own ingredients can result in a way better taste. For instance, if you love mac n cheese, you can add as much cheese as you like! After all, there is nothing like too much cheese right? 
  • Spending time in the kitchen can result in a better mood and an increased satisfaction level gained after eating food made with pure love and effort. Science also backs up the fact that cooking can alter your mood optimally. 

We understand the problems faced when cooking for yourself, most people don’t usually find all the ingredients at their next-door grocery shop, and others don’t have enough time to go shopping. If you're a busy mom with toddlers that don’t let their mommies leave home or a busy office worker that always keeps finishing work deadlines, or just an introverted person that doesn't like to go outside, we have a way to solve all your problems right here and right now! 

The New Grocer  is made especially for your ease. We are an online shopping platform based in Singapore that has all the ingredients one can wish for to make any food recipe. Whether it’s continental, Italian, Singaporean, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc you can buy all the things with just one click. 

Moreover, when some epicurean person is cooking, it’s hard for them to find all the premium ingredients in your nearby stores. The New Grocer is a perfect option for them when choosing luxury ingredients. We have a variety of categories such as butchery (yellow chicken, lamb, etc), organic, fruits and veggies (long cabbage, kale, broccoli, etc), fish and seafood, smoked salmon, Foie Gras, Caviar, and Truffle, charcuterie, cheese, bread and pastries, dairy, frozen foods, sweets, wine cellar, spirits, champagne, pantry items and so much more!

Another great facility we provide is ready-to-eat food such as steamboat Singapore, plenty of side dishes, starters, and cakes, The New Grocer is always there for your assistance. 

Good cooking! 



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