Ciabatta with green olives | 5x140g
Ciabatta with green olives | 5x140g

Ciabatta with green olives | 5x140g

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Ciabatta bread with green olives is a delicious variation of the classic Italian bread. The bread is made with wheat flour, yeast, water, salt, and whole or chopped green olives, which gives it a slightly tangy and salty flavor. The olives also add a nice texture and color to the bread.

When you bite into a slice of ciabatta with green olives, you will first notice its crisp crust, which has a slightly chewy texture. As you continue to chew, you will taste the soft and airy crumb, which has a mild flavor that complements the olives.

This bread pairs well with a variety of foods, such as cheese, cured meats, and roasted vegetables. It's also great on its own with a drizzle of olive oil or a spread of butter.

To fully enjoy ciabatta with green olives, you can slice it thinly and toast it until crispy. You can also use it as a base for bruschetta or as a sandwich bread.

Reheat Instructions:

Bake at 180'C for 6 mins

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