Sweet Green Halkidi Olives | MADAME OLIVA | 1kg

Sweet Green Halkidi Olives | MADAME OLIVA | 1kg

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Sweet Green Olives are born in Chalkidiki, a Greek peninsula near Thessaloniki, formed by three strips of land that stretch into the Aegean Sea. The olive tree has been a very important reference point for at least two centuries both for economic life and for the cultural traditions of the inhabitants of this area. They are olives characterized by a large fruit, with a fleshy and crunchy pulp and a delicately fruity aroma. 

Processed with the typical Italian method, which gives them a delicately fruity aroma. With a rich, firm and juicy pulp, they are ideal as a snack or for aperitifs. In the kitchen they are used in appetizers of cured meats and cheeses.

olives, water, salt; acidifier: tartaric acid, citric acid.


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