Shichimi Goma | Japan | 60g

Shichimi Goma | Japan | 60g

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Mixed with sesame, adding linoleic acid, oleic acid, protein, and iron. The aroma of sesame and shichimi makes your dishes tastier.



The Nishiyama area was perfect for the production of six of the ingredients needed to make shichimi, except for dried mandarin orange peel. Nishiyama was a famous hemp-producing area, so hemp seeds were easily available. Also, Japanese pepper grow naturally in the surrounding mountains. Since dried products kept longer, the last ingredient, dried mandarin orange peel, could be collected and carried from Kamigata (the modern-day Kansai area). In this way, Yawataya Isogoro was able to create shichimi togarashi with a distinctive flavour reminiscent of the mountainous region of Shinshu.

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