San Daniele Ham 18 Months | 70g

San Daniele Ham 18 Months | 70g

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🇮🇹 Elevate Your Palate: San Daniele Ham Aged 18 Months! 🍖🌟

Experience the epitome of Italian culinary excellence with our San Daniele Ham, aged for a remarkable 18 months to perfection. Each 70g serving is a testament to the time-honored tradition and artisanal craftsmanship of the San Daniele region.

Indulge in the delicate texture and rich, savory flavor of San Daniele Ham, meticulously aged to achieve its exquisite taste profile. Whether enjoyed on its own as a gourmet snack or incorporated into your favorite dishes, each bite promises a culinary journey through Italy's finest flavors.

Crafted with care and expertise, our San Daniele Ham embodies the essence of Italian gastronomy. Delight your senses and elevate your dining experience with this premium delicacy, perfect for any occasion.


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