Pre-order 1 week | Oyster FINE DE CLAIRE | JEROME MIET | France | 36 pcs

Pre-order 1 week | Oyster FINE DE CLAIRE | JEROME MIET | France | 36 pcs

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Do you like oysters that are not very fleshy, combining marine flavours and a slight taste of hazelnut?
Les Fines de claire are made for you.

But what is the difference between the Fines de claire Jérôme Miet and the Fines de claire IGP Marennes Oléron from Jérôme Miet?

Let's see what they have in common...
Both are born in the Marennes Oléron basin and both are matured in the claires of Mornac-sur-Seudre, the shallow clay basins formerly used to harvest salt.

It is this three-week period in the oyster bed that allows them to acquire a shell quality superior to that of open sea oysters, and to develop this unique local taste. Yes, but what's the difference?
Well, it's that between their birth and their maturing, the Fines de claire Jérôme Miet spend three years building up their muscles in the fresh and turbulent waters of Normandy. And that makes a real difference in terms of texture.

The result: firmer flesh, marine, tonic, iodine flavours, and that inimitable little taste of hazelnut.
Living proof that power is not the enemy of finesse. And vice versa.

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