Pork Floss | 2kg

Pork Floss | 2kg

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Pork floss, also known as meat floss or pork sung, is a popular Asian delicacy made from finely shredded or dried pork that has been seasoned and cooked to achieve a light, fluffy, and savory texture. It is commonly used as a topping or filling in various dishes and snacks. Here's what pork floss is and how to prepare it:

What is Pork Floss:

Pork floss is made by simmering finely shredded pork in a seasoned liquid until it becomes tender and fully cooked. The cooked pork is then dried and finely shredded into fine, fluffy pieces. During the drying process, the pork is often roasted or baked to achieve a crispy texture and enhance its flavor. Pork floss can come in various flavors, including original, spicy, garlic, and sweet.

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