Plant-Based | Egg Shreds | 500g

Plant-Based | Egg Shreds | 500g

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Float Foods is the Singapore’s first food tech start-up dedicated to the development of a plant- based substitute for eggs, scrambling ahead as they put the nation on the map with OnlyEg - Asia's first plant-based whole egg substitute.

Developed with proprietary technology created by the in-house research and development team, OnlyEg presents an unparalleled proposition by offering legumes-based substitutes for both egg yolk and egg white as two distinct components, allowing for versatile applications that can be assembled in minutes into multiple well-loved styles of preparation including sunny side-up or overeasy.

OnlyEg is amongst the first of its kind to achieve this level of likeness to a real chicken egg. The closest alternatives in the market are currently liquid blends of egg substitutes that are limited to scrambled eggs or omelettes.

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