Plain Bread Roll | 15pcs

Plain Bread Roll | 15pcs

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50g per pc

If you're looking for a simple and satisfying option, our Plain Bread Roll is the perfect choice. Each pack contains 15 soft and fluffy rolls, ideal for any occasion. Whether you're enjoying them with soup, making sandwiches, or simply indulging in their deliciousness on their own, these bread rolls are sure to please. Enjoy the convenience and versatility of our Plain Bread Roll for your next meal or snack! šŸ„–šŸžšŸ˜‹

A traditional white recipe with balanced flavours and a pale cream interior. Uses a fermented dough for an even better taste. Rolls made with wheat flour Label Rouge.

Reheat instructions:

Baking time: 7-9min

Baking Temp: 190Ā°CĀ 

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