Pizza sauce Aromatizzata | MUTTI | 4.1kg
Pizza sauce Aromatizzata | MUTTI | 4.1kg

Pizza sauce Aromatizzata | MUTTI | 4.1kg

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Delight in the authentic taste of Mutti Pizza Sauce Aromatizzata, a premium choice for enhancing the flavors of your favorite pizzas.

Description: Mutti, renowned for producing high-quality tomato products, presents Pizza Sauce Aromatizzata. Crafted with care, this sauce is a perfect blend of sun-ripened tomatoes and aromatic herbs, creating a rich and flavorful base for your pizzas. With a well-balanced taste, it adds a touch of Italian authenticity to your pizza creations.


  • Ideal as a pizza base sauce
  • Perfect for homemade pizza recipes
  • Adds depth to pasta dishes and casseroles

Packaging: Available in a generous 4.1kg size, Mutti Pizza Sauce Aromatizzata is packaged to maintain its freshness, ensuring that every pizza you make is bursting with delicious flavor.

Order now to bring the true taste of Italian tomatoes and herbs to your pizzas with Mutti Pizza Sauce Aromatizzata!

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