Pre-order 1 week | Oyster ANTILOPE | 12 pcs

Pre-order 1 week | Oyster ANTILOPE | 12 pcs

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Introducing Antilope Oysters, available for pre-order one week in advance at The New Grocer. These premium oysters boast a rich, briny flavor and a buttery texture, offering a culinary experience like no other. Each order includes 12 succulent oysters, carefully sourced and packed for freshness. Elevate your dining experience with the finest flavors from the sea.

A special selection of oysters from Normandy with a meat percentage above 10.5%.
With its long beaches and steep chalk cliffs, Normandy is home to superb oyster grounds and has become one of the leading oyster-producing regions of France in recent decades.

Aided by the significant tidal difference, the oysters filter plenty of nutrient-rich seawater every day. Huîtres à Volant oysters can be recognised by their hard, sturdy and slightly rougher shell. This bold oyster from Normandy has a fresh, salty taste.

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