Original Gaeta Olives with Seasoning | MADAME OLIVA | 3.1kg

Original Gaeta Olives with Seasoning | MADAME OLIVA | 3.1kg

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Already in the Aeneid, Virgil described the Olive of Gaeta as a precious fruit, but its maximum diffusion was reached in the medieval period, when the Gaetan navy took it to all the main maritime squares of Europe.

Harvested on the Pontine hills in early spring in full ripeness, it has a purplish color, a medium-fleshy pulp and a typical taste tending to bitter with a slight savory hint.

With a typical taste with bitter hints, the Olives of Gaeta PDO are used in the most varied ways: in sauces, in white meats and game. As per peasant tradition also in the vegetable side dishes and by the fishermen in the many seafood recipes that the coast suggests. The Oliva di Gaeta PDO is certainly one of the most used olives as an ingredient by chefs in international cuisine.


Olives, water, salt; acidifier: tartaric acid.

 Net drained 2kg

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