Mascarpone 40 Powder | FABBRI | 1kg
Mascarpone 40 Powder | FABBRI | 1kg

Mascarpone 40 Powder | FABBRI | 1kg

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The ultimate symbol and flavour of Fabbri: a world icon. Fabbri Amarena is demi glacé and preserved in syrup, using a secret recipe passed down through the generations, with the same loving care as a hundred years ago.

Fabbri Mascarpone 40 is a flavouring powder that gives ice cream and confectionary preparations the taste of mascarpone.

It is characterised by the presence of Guar gum, a thickening agent that makes confectionary preparations denser, and the absence of powdered egg yolk.

It can replace fresh mascarpone for greater recipe stability.


For making ice cream: recommended dosage is 40g of Mascarpone 40 per kg of mixture. It is also an excellent supplement to the cream mixture for fiordilatte, cream, hazelnut, etc. ice creams. The recommended dosage is 10g.

For confectionaries: useful dosage for flavouring mousses or semifreddos is 80g of Mascarpone 40 per kg of cream (+150g of hot milk).


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