Large Madeleines pure Butter | 54pcs

Large Madeleines pure Butter | 54pcs

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45g per pc

Madeleines are a type of small, shell-shaped French sponge cake with a distinct buttery taste. The use of melted butter is one of the key ingredients in making Madeleines, and it contributes significantly to their rich and delicious flavor.

When making Madeleines, the butter is typically melted, then allowed to cool slightly before being incorporated into the batter. This melted butter not only provides moisture to the cakes but also imparts a distinct buttery aroma and flavor, making them incredibly flavorful and irresistible.

The combination of the buttery taste with the delicate texture and slightly crispy edges of Madeleines is what makes them so beloved among pastry lovers. They are perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea or coffee, as a sweet treat during a break, or as a lovely addition to any dessert table.

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