Isan Roasted Chicken | Frozen | 1kg

Isan Roasted Chicken | Frozen | 1kg

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Our ISAN Roasted Chicken is inspired by the rich and savory traditions of ISAN cuisine. Each piece is meticulously seasoned and roasted to perfection, capturing the essence of Thai culinary expertise. Whether you're craving a quick and delicious meal or looking to add a touch of Thai-inspired flair to your dishes, this frozen roasted chicken provides a flavorful and convenient option.


  • Ideal for a quick and satisfying meal
  • Perfect for salads, wraps, or sandwiches
  • Adds a Thai-inspired twist to various culinary creations

Packaging: Conveniently packed in a 1kg package, our ISAN Roasted Chicken is frozen to preserve its authenticity and taste, providing you with a hassle-free and high-quality culinary experience.

Order now to enjoy the convenience of home delivery and savor the exceptional taste of ISAN Roasted Chicken. Elevate your meals with the rich and savory flavors of Thai-inspired cuisine!

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