Iberico Lomo Loin Boneless | +/-580g

Iberico Lomo Loin Boneless | +/-580g

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Lomo loin boneless Iberico is a premium cut of pork that comes from the Iberian pig, a breed native to the Iberian Peninsula of Spain and Portugal. This exquisite cut is highly regarded for its exceptional taste, succulence, and unique characteristics.

The lomo loin is taken from the tender and lean muscles of the Iberico pig's back, and it is carefully trimmed of any excess fat and bones, resulting in a boneless cut that is prized for its convenience and ease of preparation. The meat is dark red in color, with a fine marbling of fat running through it, which adds to its rich flavor profile.

One of the distinctive features of lomo loin Iberico is its intramuscular fat, which is known as "marmoleo" in Spanish. This marbling of fat gives the meat a luxurious texture and imparts a rich, buttery flavor to it. The unique diet of the Iberico pig, which includes acorns and other natural forage, contributes to the distinct taste and aroma of the meat, making it truly exceptional.

When cooked, lomo loin boneless Iberico is incredibly tender and moist, with a melt-in-your-mouth quality that is sure to delight the senses. The meat is full of flavor, with a deliciously rich and nutty taste that is unique to Iberico pork. Its natural sweetness, combined with the savory notes from the marbling, creates a complex and indulgent dining experience.

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