Hazelnut Oil | Huilerie Lapalisse | 500ml

Hazelnut Oil | Huilerie Lapalisse | 500ml

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The reputation of the Lapalisse oil mill was built around its exceptional walnut oil and this heritage passed down through the same family from generation to generation. The Lapalisse oil mill reaffirms its attachment to the ancestral know-how of its founder. Even today, it advocates respect for tradition and the quest for taste in order to develop a palette of flavours where nature is a sign of elegance. She masters a gourmet repertoire, signed Abel PAILLARD , which takes you on an exceptional olfactory and taste journey.

An oil rich in vitamin E. An oil with a golden yellow color with a unique taste, very elegant and balanced, it proves excellent to all sorts of uses.

It is mainly reserved for seasoning.

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