Gourmet Sauce Coconut | FABBRI | 950g

Gourmet Sauce Coconut | FABBRI | 950g

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The ultimate symbol and flavour of Fabbri: a world icon. Fabbri Amarena is demi glacé and preserved in syrup, using a secret recipe passed down through the generations, with the same loving care as a hundred years ago.

Fabbri Gourmet Sauces are delicious, sweet sauces for decorating and filling the most original ice cream creations. The special formulation increases their viscosity on contact with ice cream, making them excellent for variegating ice cream in both tubs and cups.

In confectioneries and restaurants, they are ideal for decorating and enhancing fruit salads, semifreddos, mousses and other desserts.

Flexible dispensers with non-drip membrane stoppers make them a practical and functional ally for completing the presentation of desserts and giving life and flavour to ice creams and desserts.


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