Battered Fish Goujons | Vietnam | 1kg

Battered Fish Goujons | Vietnam | 1kg

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25g per pc

Description: Our Halal Battered Fish Goujons are crafted with care in Vietnam, offering a perfect blend of flaky fish and crispy batter. The convenient goujon cut makes them ideal for various dishes, from appetizers to main courses. Whether you're hosting a gathering or preparing a quick meal, these frozen fish goujons ensure a delicious and Halal-certified seafood experience.


  • Perfect for appetizers, sandwiches, or fish tacos
  • Ideal for quick and easy meals
  • Versatile for various creative culinary applications

Packaging: Presented in a 1kg pack, our Halal Battered Fish Goujons are sealed to preserve their freshness, providing you with a convenient and high-quality seafood option.

Order now to enjoy the ease of home delivery and savor the exceptional taste of our Halal Battered Fish Goujons from Vietnam. Perfect for adding a touch of gourmet seafood to your meals!

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