Deshellef lupine beans | MADAME OLIVA | 3.1kg

Deshellef lupine beans | MADAME OLIVA | 3.1kg

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Lupini bean are the taste of our childhood, when we bought them on street corners from street vendors. Simple and appetizing, delicious and fun, almost as to make us forget that they are one of the oldest legumes known to humanity and that they are a rich source of protein and dietary fiber. We rediscover the ancient flavors, taking care of our well-being, promoting a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Lupini bean is a tasty and savory snack, delicious in aperitifs.
After shelling it, it is an ideal legume for mixed salads and soups, it is also used as an ingredient in cereal and minestrone soups, and is also added to rice and pasta salads, contributing to the Mediterranean diet as a precious element.

Olives, water, salt; acidifier: tartaric acid.

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