Custard Roll | Ready to Bake | 20pcs
Custard Roll | Ready to Bake | 20pcs

Custard Roll | Ready to Bake | 20pcs

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40g per pc - Frozen

Custard Rolls, sold in a package of 20 pieces, are delightful pastry treats that are ready to be baked to perfection. These sweet and creamy rolls are filled with custard, offering a delicious and comforting dessert or snack option.

Here's more information about Custard Rolls:

  1. Pastry Dough: Custard Rolls are made from a soft and buttery pastry dough that is rolled out and cut into individual pieces. The dough serves as the base for the custard filling.

  2. Custard Filling: The rolls are generously filled with a smooth and creamy custard. Custard is a sweet and rich mixture made from eggs, milk, sugar, and sometimes flavored with vanilla or other essences.

  3. Ready to Bake: Custard Rolls are sold in a ready-to-bake form. They come pre-filled and shaped, ready to be placed on a baking sheet and baked to perfection.

  4. Baking Instructions: To bake the Custard Rolls, preheat the oven to the recommended temperature and bake according to the instructions provided on the packaging. The baking time is typically short, resulting in golden-brown and aromatic rolls.

  5. Serving: Custard Rolls are best enjoyed warm from the oven. They can be served as a delectable dessert or a sweet treat alongside a cup of tea or coffee.

Baking instructions:

Bake at 165'C for 13 minutes

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