Couverture Inspiration Strawberry | VALRHONA | 250gm

Couverture Inspiration Strawberry | VALRHONA | 250gm

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With its fruit couvertures, Valrhona is opening up new creative possibilities for each and every artisan who wants to st and out from the crowd. Strawberry Inspiration combines the intense, gourmet flavor of strawberry confit with the unique texture of chocolate.

Inspiration is Valrhona's first range of fruit couvertures, created with natural flavours and colours. Valrhonta harnessed their decades of chocolate-making expertise to develop this technical feat which combines the unique texture of chocolate with the intense flavour and colour of fruit and nuts. Inspiration can be used just like any other Valrhona couverture chocolate, for a world of new possibilities never seen before.

Easy to dose and melt thanks to their unique shape and specially designed for baking. Valrhona chocolate beans will be ideal for all your creations. 


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