Cooked Chicken & Cheese Meatball | 500g

Cooked Chicken & Cheese Meatball | 500g

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Enjoy the delectable combination of flavors with our Cooked Chicken & Cheese Meatballs, conveniently packed in a 500g package. Made from premium chicken and filled with gooey cheese, these meatballs offer a savory and satisfying option for your meals. Whether served as appetizers, added to pasta dishes, or used in sandwiches, these cooked meatballs provide a versatile and flavorful solution for your culinary needs.

Taste: Savor the delicious taste of our Cooked Chicken & Cheese Meatballs with every bite. Crafted from tender chicken and filled with creamy cheese, these meatballs offer a delightful burst of flavor that's sure to please. Whether enjoyed on their own or incorporated into your favorite dishes, the combination of savory chicken and gooey cheese makes these meatballs a delectable choice for any meal occasion. Convenient and flavorful, these cooked meatballs are perfect for satisfying your cravings with ease.

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