Chicken Pie large | 30x190g

Chicken Pie large | 30x190g

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190g per pc / 10cm Diameter

Treat yourself to the ultimate comfort food experience with our Large Baked Frozen Chicken Pies, each generously sized at 190g. Crafted with care and precision, these pies boast a delectable combination of savory ingredients enclosed in a golden, flaky crust. What sets them apart? The convenience of being frozen ensures freshness, and with 68 of these ready-to-bake delights, you're well-prepared for any occasion. Elevate your dining experience and relish the joy of effortlessly serving wholesome, oven-fresh chicken pies that are perfect for family gatherings or simply satisfying those comforting cravings.

Baking Instructions:

Baked at 170'C for 8-12 mins

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