Cantabria Anchovy Fillet in Extra Virgin Oil | 85g

Cantabria Anchovy Fillet in Extra Virgin Oil | 85g

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For centuries artisanal producers in the Bay of Biscay have been salting and preserving anchovies by hand.  Don Bocarte is renowned for using only the finest Cantabrian anchovies along with a perfected curing process to achieve a truly stunning result, this is how the Cantabrian anchovy is known as the best in the world.

The anchovy season in the Bay of Biscay is short and runs from April-June.  During these months the anchovies have higher fat content, resulting in a better flavour, as well as emerging closer to the surface of the ocean to reproduce, meaning they can be caught with minimal interference to other sea life.

Once back onshore, Don Bocarte carry out the salting process as quickly as possible, ensuring that the anchovy only takes on the necessary amount of salt essential for its preservation. The fish are arranged in barrels in a fan-like way, placing a layer of salt between each level.

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