Caciocavallo Fiaschetto Provolone | Italy | +/-1.9kg

Caciocavallo Fiaschetto Provolone | Italy | +/-1.9kg

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Caciocavallo Silano is on of the most famous cheeses of Southern Italy, in particular of the Sila, a wide Mountain land in Calabria.

Caciocavallo Silano is considered a very important cheese for the Italian gastronomy. Its production is so old as to be mentioned by Hippocrates, a Greek physician and philosopher, who lived between 460 and 370 BC. in one of his many books dedicated to the art and the cooking of foods, he speaks for the first time about "cacio".

The most particular characteristic of Caciocavallo Silano is its shape, with an oval body and a small ball on top. Actually, the presence of the small ball is not necessary, but it represents certainly one of the most immediate features of Caciocavallo. The two parts are divided by a marked neck, due to the cords used to bind the couples togheter.
The rind is smooth, thin, pale yellow and it becomes more intense during the seasoning. Inside, Caciocavallo Silano has different characteristics, depending on the maturation period. After some weeks, the hard cheese assumes a more intense, the typical holes appear and the taste becomes more spicy.

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