Breaded Butterfly Shrimp | Vietnam | 1kg
Breaded Butterfly Shrimp | Vietnam | 1kg

Breaded Butterfly Shrimp | Vietnam | 1kg

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20g per pc - Frozen

Description: Our Breaded Butterfly Shrimp, crafted with precision in Vietnam, offers a delightful combination of succulent shrimp and crispy breading. The butterfly cut not only enhances the presentation but also ensures a satisfying bite. Perfect for appetizers, snacks, or as a complement to your favorite dishes, these frozen shrimp provide a convenient and delicious seafood experience.


  • Ideal for appetizers and party platters
  • Quick and easy addition to salads or pasta dishes
  • Versatile for creative culinary applications

Packaging: Conveniently packed in a 1kg bag, our Breaded Butterfly Shrimp is frozen to preserve its freshness, providing you with a hassle-free and high-quality seafood option.

Order now to enjoy the convenience of home delivery and savor the exceptional taste of our Breaded Butterfly Shrimp from Vietnam. Elevate your meals with the exquisite flavors of premium shrimp!

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