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Inspired by a trip to Japan in 2006.

The yuzu, a cross between a wild mandarin orange and a lemon, is folded into lightly salted butter.  Elegant and fresh, it provides a marvelous bittersweet coating for a baked cod fillet en papillote.  On a slice of bread, it can’t be beat with a lovely strawberry jam.

The Yuzu originally came from East Asia, a hybrid of a wild mandarin orange and a lemon.  It looks like a small grapefruit and grows in the wild in Central China and Tibet from where it was introduced later to Korea and Japan.  Its taste resembles a grapefruit with hints of mandarin orange.

Rarely eaten as a fruit, its zest is used in Japanese cuisine to garnish certain dishes, and its juice as a seasoning just like lemon juice.

I wanted to blend it with a slightly salted butter.  The result of this harmony is truly remarkable.  This butter is a fixator of flavors which really brings out the delicious taste of the Yuzu and is perfect for a cuisine full of sunshine providing verticality, elegance and freshness to the dish it accompanies.


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