Biscotti | Almond & Pistachio | 1kg

Biscotti | Almond & Pistachio | 1kg

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 Biscotti are twice-baked, unleavened cookies, most often found around coffee shops. The cookie is long and finger-shaped. The double baking dries out the dough, giving it a dry, crunchy texture. The cookie dough is generally less sweet.

Biscotti comes from a Latin word meaning a “piece or slice of bread.” The cookie was a major food staple for the Roman Legions. Because the moisture was cooked out, it could store well during long journeys. Some joked it would “last for centuries!” The cookie was more of a common, plain food compared to the more refined treat it is today. During the Renaissance, biscotti surfaced in Tuscany, where they were served with a sweet wine. Soon all the provinces were creating their own flavored versions.

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