Beef Topside sliced 3-4mm | 2kg

Beef Topside sliced 3-4mm | 2kg

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Immerse yourself in the convenience and quality of our Halal-certified Beef Topside, expertly sliced to a perfect thickness of 3-4mm, and conveniently frozen in a 2kg pack.

Description: Savor the versatility of our Halal Beef Topside, thoughtfully prepared for your culinary convenience. Each slice, expertly cut to 3-4mm thickness, ensures a balance of tenderness and texture. Whether for stir-fries, sandwiches, or other delightful creations, this premium beef is frozen to preserve its quality. With a generous 2kg pack, it's ready to enhance your cooking with the succulent taste of Halal-certified beef.

Order now to enjoy the convenience of home delivery and elevate your dishes with the exceptional taste of our Halal-certified, frozen Beef Topside slices. Perfect for creating delicious and quick meals at home!

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