Premium Grain-Fed Beef Tenderloin Chain off | Australia | +/-2.4kg

Premium Grain-Fed Beef Tenderloin Chain off | Australia | +/-2.4kg

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100 days Grain Fed Tenderloin chain off typically refers to a cut of meat, specifically a beef tenderloin, where the chain muscle has been removed. The chain is a thin, elongated muscle that runs along the side of the tenderloin. Removing the chain is a common practice in butchery to create a more uniform and desirable presentation of the tenderloin.

This process is often done to produce high-quality, center-cut tenderloin steaks or roasts. The removal of the chain results in a leaner and more tender portion of meat, typically used for premium steak cuts. Whether you're preparing a special meal at home or ordering at a restaurant, a tenderloin chain-off cut indicates a refined and well-trimmed piece of beef with a focus on tenderness and quality.

Stanbroke is a family owned, vertically integrated beef business that specializes in breeding, finishing and marketing Australia’s finest beef.
Stanbroke owns and operates 1.6 million hectares of prime grazing country in northern Queensland and has full control of the entire production process, so consistency and quality are always assured. Augustus encapsulates the beef production heritage into a world-class beef brand that offers exceptional tenderness and flavor. The Augustus cattle are raised on pristine natural pastures before moving to a specialized feed ration that is designed to optimize eating quality and enable year round consistency.

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