Beef Striploin Shabu 2-3mm | New Zealand | Frozen | 2kg

Beef Striploin Shabu 2-3mm | New Zealand | Frozen | 2kg

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Indulge in the premium taste of our New Zealand-sourced Beef Striploin Shabu, expertly frozen in a 2kg pack with thinly sliced 2-3mm portions.

Description: Elevate your culinary experience with our Beef Striploin Shabu, thoughtfully sourced from New Zealand. Carefully sliced to a perfect 2-3mm thickness, this premium cut ensures a delightful Shabu Shabu experience. The succulent and tender beef, frozen to preserve its quality, is conveniently packaged in a 2kg size, ready to add a touch of luxury to your hot pot creations.

Beef striploin shabu refers to thinly sliced beef striploin specifically prepared for shabu-shabu, a Japanese hot pot dish. These thin slices, often around 3 millimeters in thickness, quickly cook in the hot broth, resulting in a tender and flavorful beef experience. Perfect for swishing briefly in the broth and serving with dipping sauces and vegetables, beef striploin shabu is tailored for the interactive and communal dining style of shabu-shabu.

Order now to enjoy the convenience of home delivery and relish the exceptional taste of our New Zealand-sourced, frozen Beef Striploin Shabu. Perfect for creating memorable and flavorful hot pot meals at home!

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