Beef Ribeye Shabu 4mm | US | Frozen | 1kg

Beef Ribeye Shabu 4mm | US | Frozen | 1kg

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Delight in our Halal-certified Beef Ribeye Shabu, sourced from the USA and conveniently frozen in a 1kg pack with thinly sliced 4mm portions.

Description: Our Beef Ribeye Shabu is a premium cut thoughtfully sourced from the USA and expertly frozen for optimal freshness. The 4mm thin slices make it an ideal choice for crafting delectable Shabu Shabu hot pot dishes and various culinary creations.

Ribeye shabu refers to thinly sliced ribeye steak specifically prepared for shabu-shabu, a Japanese hot pot dish. The ribeye slices are finely cut for quick cooking in the hot broth, resulting in a tender and flavorful beef experience. Typically served with dipping sauces and accompanied by vegetables, ribeye shabu offers a delightful and interactive dining experience where each slice is briefly swished in the hot broth before being enjoyed.

Taste: Savor the rich and succulent flavors of our Halal Beef Ribeye Shabu. Renowned for its marbling and tenderness, each thinly sliced 4mm portion promises a delightful and quick-cooking experience. Whether enjoyed in traditional Shabu Shabu or utilized in versatile cooking methods, this cut delivers a mouthwatering taste that elevates your culinary adventures.

Order now for the convenience of home delivery and relish the exceptional taste of our Halal-certified, frozen Beef Ribeye Shabu from the USA.


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