Artisanal Lamb Sauce | 150g

Artisanal Lamb Sauce | 150g

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Infuse your meals with rich, savory goodness using our Artisanal Lamb Sauce (150g). Carefully crafted with the finest ingredients, this flavorful sauce complements lamb dishes perfectly. Conveniently sized and full of taste, add a touch of gourmet to your culinary creations with our Lamb Sauce.


Ingredients: Lamb, Onion, Celery, Carrots, Garlic, Herbs, Tomato paste, Flour, Olive oil, Demi glaze, Wine

Reheating (best to thaw prior reheating)
*Time and temperature may vary according equipment

  • Stove: Without pouch, medium heat, 5 minutes (Best result)
  • Microwave: Without pouch, 800W, 3 minutes, bring out to stir then heat up another 1 minute

Store: Frozen at -12°C to -18℃, best to thaw 24 hours prior reheating


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