Arenkha | Spain | 55g

Arenkha | Spain | 55g

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Arenkha, also known as red caviar or salmon roe, is a type of fish roe that comes from various species of salmon. It is a popular delicacy around the world, known for its distinct bright orange to reddish-pink color and delicate texture.

Arenkha is typically harvested from wild or farm-raised salmon during their spawning season. The eggs are carefully extracted and processed to ensure their freshness and quality. They are then salted and sometimes lightly smoked to enhance their flavor.

The flavor of Arenkha is often described as rich, buttery, and slightly salty, with a delicate pop when eaten. The texture is smooth and slightly firm, with a satisfying burst of flavor in each bite. The color of Arenkha can vary depending on the species of salmon it comes from, but it is usually a bright orange or reddish-pink hue that is visually appealing.

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