ACQUARELLO RISO | 7 Years Age | 500g

ACQUARELLO RISO | 7 Years Age | 500g

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A unique rice in a unique tin

The nutrients of brown rice and the easiness to cook of white rice, Acquerello brings together the best from both rices.

Use Acquerello aged carnaroli rice to make the best risotto you’ve ever had. Acquerello aged carnaroli rice is the favourite rice of top chefs

Grown, harvested and packed at Tenuta Colombara. Processing
Technique: Only the rice grains that pass the 20 processing and
selection steps become Acquerello. One of them is the helix,
still considered the best method for rice whitening: rice grains
rub one against the other, avoiding any damage. Aging: Starch is
stabilized, thus the rice grain will release less starch during
cooking and will increase liquid absorption. Germ is the vital
part of a rice grain. It contains most of the vitamins and
micronutrients of rice. During whitening the germ separates from
the rice grain, but thanks to a patented process we are able to
restore it within the grain, enhancing its nutritional values.

It is not only the rice variety that is special. Acquerello rice is the only white rice in the world to be enriched with its nutrient-rich germ – reintroduced after hulling – giving it a nutritional profile closer to brown rice. The rice is also aged for up to three years. This results in a risotto rice that is rich in vitamins, can absorb more liquid during cooking, whilst retaining its structure. The grains will not stick together.

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