Ondine Semola

Ondine Semola #106 | DELVERDE | 2x500g

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Delverde uses high-quality durum wheat semolina with a high protein content from the best wheat, predominantly from Italy and abroad, to produce a pasta with high nutritional qualities, better flavour and perfect texture, always “al dente”. 

As tradition dictates, Delverde pasta is dried at a low temperature to preserve all the natural fragrance and flavour of durum wheat. The decision to opt for a slow, gentle drying process allows us to preserve the quantity and quality of proteins and preserve the original taste of fresh durum wheat semolina.

Introducing Delverde Ondine Semola #106, a unique and exquisite pasta choice for your culinary creations. Each pack contains 500g of meticulously crafted ondine semola pasta, featuring delicate, shell-like shapes that are perfect for holding sauces and adding visual appeal to your dishes. Made with the finest durum wheat semolina and expertly crafted by Delverde's artisans, Ondine Semola #106 promises an authentic Italian taste and texture that will elevate your pasta dishes to new heights. Whether tossed in a light olive oil and herb sauce or paired with a hearty meat ragu, these ondine semola noodles are sure to impress. Elevate your cooking with the superior quality and taste of Delverde Ondine Semola #106.

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