Ondine Egg

Ondine Egg #109 | DELVERDE | 2x500g

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Delverde uses high-quality durum wheat semolina with a high protein content from the best wheat, predominantly from Italy and abroad, to produce a pasta with high nutritional qualities, better flavour and perfect texture, always “al dente”. 

As tradition dictates, Delverde pasta is dried at a low temperature to preserve all the natural fragrance and flavour of durum wheat. The decision to opt for a slow, gentle drying process allows us to preserve the quantity and quality of proteins and preserve the original taste of fresh durum wheat semolina.

Introducing Delverde Ondine Egg #109, a luxurious twist on traditional pasta. Each pack contains 500g of meticulously crafted ondine egg pasta, featuring delicate, shell-like shapes that beautifully hold sauces and elevate your dishes. Made with the finest durum wheat semolina and enriched with wholesome eggs, Ondine Egg #109 promises an authentic Italian taste and texture that will delight your palate. Whether paired with a creamy Alfredo sauce or tossed with fresh vegetables and olive oil, these ondine egg noodles are sure to impress. Elevate your cooking with the superior quality and taste of Delverde Ondine Egg #109.

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