Iberico Secreto | +/-500g

Iberico Secreto | +/-500g

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Iberico secreto is a premium cut of pork that comes from the Iberico pig, a breed of pig that is native to Spain. This cut is highly prized for its rich and intense flavor, as well as its tender and juicy texture.

The secreto is a hidden cut, which is located near the shoulder blade of the pig. It is a small and thin cut of meat, with a high amount of marbling, which gives it a rich and succulent flavor. It is often compared to the flavor of wagyu beef, due to its marbling and depth of flavor.

Iberico secreto is typically grilled or pan-seared to bring out its natural flavors, and can be seasoned with a variety of herbs and spices to enhance its taste. It is a popular ingredient in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine, where it is often served as a delicacy for special occasions.

The Iberico pig is known for its unique diet of acorns and other natural foods, which gives the meat a distinctive flavor and texture. This, combined with the careful raising and selection of the pigs, makes Iberico secreto a highly sought-after cut of meat.

Overall, Iberico secreto is a luxurious and delicious cut of pork that is sure to impress. Its rich flavor and tender texture make it a favorite among food enthusiasts and chefs alike, and its unique origins and careful preparation make it a special and memorable dish.

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