Syrup de Glucose | DGF | 1kg
Syrup de Glucose | DGF | 1kg

Syrup de Glucose | DGF | 1kg

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DGF (Distribution Gastronomie Formation ) is the primary source in France for high-quality ingredients and convenience products for culinary professionals in the pastry and confectionery industries. 

Glucose Syrup is a sweet base for pastries and confectionery. The Glucose Syrup delays sugar recrystallization and provides softness and longer shelf life for the finished product.

Glucose Syrup by DGF Service is used in confectionery. It improves suppleness and texture of preparations, brings softness to sugar and prevents crystallization.


  • Can be used for a sweetener, thickener, moisture retaining agent
  • Prevents dryness to give a smoother, softer, and fresher product
  • Good for candy making, beer, fondant, and baked goods
  • GMO free
  • Made from wheat
  • Lower moisture containment and dextrose equivalent

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