Chilled Cooked Chestnut | PONTHIER | 1kg

Chilled Cooked Chestnut | PONTHIER | 1kg

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Maison Ponthier is the second largest fruit puree producer in France with over 70 years of experience in fruit products focusing on single variety and single origin fruit which are harvested their ripest stage, and without colouring, preservatives, nor flavourings

Chestnuts was born in the heart of the Limousin in France the land of the chestnut tree par excellence. So passionate was our founder André Ponthier about the fruit of his terroir that he made cooking chestnuts his speciality, after carefully developing an exclusive technique for preparing them in 1980.

Ponthier chestnuts are packed whole and thus retain their attractive natural shape. Ready-to-use, they can be warmed up in a few minutes to enjoy on their own, as an aperitif, in a salad, as an accompaniment to meat, game and fish, or in a dessert. It's delicious flesh with lightly sweet and roasted notes.

Ponthier chestnuts are prepared following a traditional process, from peeling to vacuum cooking. The preparation is purely natural, with no
additives. The chestnuts are flame shelled and then sorted, vacuum steamed and packed, all in full compliance with the requirements of IFS
(higher level) and BRC (grade A) certifications.

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