Smoked Scarmoza Block | Frozen | 1kg

Smoked Scarmoza Block | Frozen | 1kg

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Introduce a touch of gourmet sophistication to your culinary creations with our Frozen Smoked Scamorza Block 🧀❄️. Each block weighs approximately 1kg and is crafted with care to preserve the rich, smoky flavors that define this Italian cheese delicacy.

Imported directly from Italy, our smoked Scamorza block offers a velvety texture and a subtle, yet distinct, smoky aroma that adds depth to any dish. Whether you're grating it over pasta, melting it on a pizza, or simply enjoying it on its own, this versatile cheese elevates every bite with its robust flavor profile.

Perfect for entertaining guests or adding a gourmet twist to everyday meals, our Frozen Smoked Scamorza Block is a must-have ingredient for any cheese lover or culinary enthusiast. 🍝🧀

Unlock a world of culinary possibilities with the rich, indulgent taste of authentic Italian cheese. Add our Smoked Scamorza Block to your cart today and experience the irresistible allure of premium quality cheese. 🛒✨

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