Chocolate Tart Grand Arome | Frozen | 900g

Chocolate Tart Grand Arome | Frozen | 900g

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Laced with 70% dark chocolate patisserie cream, glaced with dark chocolate and decorated with tiny chocolate stick.

A very chocolatey dessert

Our extremely generous, traditional “Grand Arôme” Chocolate Tart will indulge those who love delicious flavours and are looking for a very chocolatey dessert.

Boncolac’s know-how

With its gourmet look, our Chocolate Tart was designed by our creative chefs, who have created it as an expression of their love for cocoa and authentic flavours. The success of our recipe lies in its carefully balanced contrasting textures, highlighting and playing the smoothness of the chocolate cream off against the crispness of the shortcrust pastry.

Our “Grand Arôme” Chocolate Tart is made up of all butter shortcrust pastry with a filling rich in chocolate and ground almonds. For a refined look and a little extra sweetness, our tart is covered with a 70% cocoa dark chocolate glaze and decorated with delicate chocolate chunks.
Thanks to its perfect hold, large size and original, crisp decorative touches, it is suitable for any kind of food service and can be easily enhanced.

In keeping with the times, our “Grand Arôme” Chocolate Tart meets market requirements. Free from preservatives, colourings or artificial flavours, it is set apart by its high-quality and modern look.

How to prepare


Straight from the freezer, remove all packaging.
Then, unmould the tart and place it on a serving plate.
Leave to defrost in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

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