LA PLAQUETTE | Gourmet Butter 3 Seaweeds | 100g

LA PLAQUETTE | Gourmet Butter 3 Seaweeds | 100g

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Butter Frozen

DLC 300 days

The original taste of the butter, a subtle flavor, a generous cream, a delicacy of the fiber, you with the taste of the real butter.

Praised by the greatest chefs and partners of Euro-toques, L&L Plaquette butters have received the Coq de Cristal award as well as two International Taste and Quality Institute awards.

The butters from the L&L Plaquette farm are exceptional butters that focus above all on taste and quality. Their farm butters are made with raw (unpasteurized) milk, which brings a greater depth of flavor. L&L Plaquette butters are fully traceable from field to plate.

A surprising mixture ideal to sublimate your fish and your meats, white or red.

Ingredients: Red Algae, Green Algae, Black Algae, Churned butter, Milk, Salt



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