Beef Tail cut 2-3cm | New Zealand | 2kg

Beef Tail cut 2-3cm | New Zealand | 2kg

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Explore the rich and flavorful taste of our Halal-certified Beef Tail, expertly cut to 2-3cm portions, sourced from New Zealand, and conveniently frozen in a 2kg pack.

Description: Immerse yourself in the delectable world of our Halal Beef Tail, carefully sourced from New Zealand. The tail is expertly cut into 2-3cm portions, ensuring a perfect balance of meat and marrow for a rich and hearty culinary experience. Conveniently frozen in a 2kg pack, this premium cut is ready to enhance your soups, stews, and other dishes with the robust flavor of New Zealand-sourced, Halal-certified beef tail.

Order now to enjoy the convenience of home delivery and savor the exceptional taste of our frozen Halal Beef Tail from New Zealand. Perfect for adding depth and richness to your favorite recipes!

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