Beef Rib Finger Scored Cut 1cm | 500g

Beef Rib Finger Scored Cut 1cm | 500g

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Introducing our Halal-certified Beef Rib Finger, expertly scored with a 1cm cut for your convenience. This premium cut is frozen and conveniently packaged in a 1kg pack, providing both ease of use and exceptional quality.

The term "Beef Rib Finger Scored Cut 1cm" refers to a specific cut of beef ribs that has been scored with cuts spaced approximately 1 centimeter apart.

Description: Our Beef Rib Finger, meticulously scored to 1cm, offers a unique and flavorful experience. Sourced with Halal standards in mind, this frozen 1kg pack provides convenience without compromising on taste. The scored cut enhances the cooking process, allowing for optimal flavor infusion and tenderness.

Taste: Delight in the rich and savory taste of our Halal Beef Rib Finger. The 1cm scoring enhances the absorption of flavors, ensuring a juicy and mouthwatering culinary experience. Whether grilled, roasted, or slow-cooked, this cut promises a delightful fusion of tenderness and taste.

Order now for the convenience of home delivery and elevate your cooking with the Halal-certified, frozen Beef Rib Finger, scored to perfection.

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