La Royaltine (Crushed Biscuit) | DGF | 2kg
La Royaltine (Crushed Biscuit) | DGF | 2kg

La Royaltine (Crushed Biscuit) | DGF | 2kg

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DGF (Distribution Gastronomie Formation ) is the primary source in France for high-quality ingredients and convenience products for culinary professionals in the pastry and confectionery industries. 

 DGF Royaltine Crushed Biscuits are fine crushed biscuits for confections, chocolates, pralines and cookies.

Economical, easily incorporates into preparations, creates beautiful visual effects and is ideal for creating a crunchy texture.

Royaltine also known as Paillete Feuilletine is made of crushed wafer called crepes dentelles. This product offers a delightful crispy texture, and a caramelised wafer flavour with vanilla notes. Mixed with hazelnut praline paste and chocolate, royaltine can be used to as a base or filling to entremets and bonbons, or even sprinkled over ice-cream for a crunchy topping.


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