Tomme de Montagne with Flowers | 100g

Tomme de Montagne with Flowers | 100g

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Tomme (Tome) is a generic term for a group of cheeses produced mainly in the French Alps and Switzerland. Usually, Tommes are cheeses produced from skimmed milk after removing the cream to make butter and full cream cheeses. As a result, they are low in fat.

This Tomme de Montagne is made at Maison de Vivarais in the Ardeche from full thermized milk. The cheese dairy is owned by Fromagerie Beillevaire, making this Tomme a new member of the Beillevaire family.

The cheese has an airy structure and a slightly yellowish dairy. The natural crust is covered with multiple types of flowers and the taste of this cheese is refined and pronounced. Please note, the crust can develop further through the flowers when the cheese is stored longer.


Fat percentage: 29%

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